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The City of Meridian does not control any surface water (ditch water) supplies. Most Meridian subdivisions have pressurized irrigation systems installed along the back-lot lines for yard irrigation purposes. Most of these systems are fed by a primary surface (ditch) water supply which is not safe to drink.

Pressurized irrigation systems are not owned or operated by the City of Meridian. You may contact your Homeowner’s Association to find out who owns and operates your system (if pressurized irrigation exists in your subdivision). If pressurized irrigation exists in your subdivision, you may also contact your Homeowner's Association to find out who owns and operates your system.

Irrigation Districts Contacts

Boise Project Board of Control – 208-344-1144

Boise - Kuna Irrigation District – 208-922-5608

Settler’s Irrigation District – 208-344-2471

New York Irrigation – 208-378-1023

Nampa Meridian Irrigation District – 208-466-0663

Pioneer Irrigation District – 208-459-3617

Eureka Water Company – Not Available 

Pioneer Ditch Company LTD. – Not Available 


Irrigation Districts Map

Use the map to find your Irrigation District. Contact phone numbers available, are listed.  

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