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Low Density Residential

Future Land Use Map Designation Cut Sheet

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Sample Zoning  Varies by project and location
Description This designation allows for the development of single-family homes on large and estate lots at gross densities of three dwelling units or less per acre.These areas often transition between existing rural residential and urban properties. Developments need to respect agricultural heritage and resources, recognize view sheds and open spaces, and maintain or improve the overall atmosphere of the area. The use of open spaces, parks, trails, and other appropriate means should enhance the character of the area.
Sample Policy
  • Require all new development to create a site design compatible with surrounding uses through buffering, screening, transitional densities, and other best site design practices.
  • Promote area beautification and community identity through context sensitive building and site design principles, appropriate signage, and attractive landscaping.
  • Support and protect the identity of existing residential neighborhoods.
  • Require pedestrian access connectors in all new development to link subdivisions together and to promote neighborhood connectivity as part of a community pathway system.
  • Require pedestrian access in all new development to link subdivisions together and promote neighborhood connectivity.
  • Require new development to establish street connections to existing local roads and collectors as well as to underdeveloped adjacent properties.
  • Avoid the concentration of any one housing type or lot size in any geographical area; provide for diverse housing types throughout the City.

Site Pattern

References & Resources

1. City of Meridian Comprehensive Plan

2. Meridian Unified Development Code

3.  Meridian Architectural Standards Manual

Notes: See the References & Resources section for additional materials. When determining appropriate zoning of a property, the transition from existing, adjacent zoning designations, as well as future anticipated land use should be considered.


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