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Are you looking for an epic Summer job that pays well, comes with built in buddies, benefits the community, and leaves you with 3 months of memories, and a sweet tan? Great news! The Meridian Pool is now hiring for our 2024 Summer Staff! 

Job positions available

  • Lifeguard: No prior experience, or licensing required. All hired staff will be enrolled into an Ellis Lifeguard Certification course, held on site, at no additional cost to staff. All staff will also participate in our Swim lesson instructor training, complete 1 session worth of shadowing other instructors in various levels and become comfortable with the curriculum. (Must be 15+ years old, upon submitting an application).
  • Maintenance: Will be certified as a Lifeguard, attend Swim lesson instructor trainings, and complete a shadowing period for lessons. Individual will also need to successfully complete CPO course and obtain certification - at no additional cost to individual. (Must be 18+ years old.)


Why Meridian Pool?

  • Competitive wages, and annual raises for returning staff.
  • Lifeguard, First Aid/CPR, Swim Lesson Instructor training and certifications at NO COST to staff. 
  • Staff apparel, no additional cost to staff: Includes 1 t-shirt, 1 hoodie, and 1 piece swimsuit/shorts. 
  • Flexible Scheduling. Do keep in mind however, this *is* a seasonal position. We ask that staff be able to work a minimum of 25 hours/ week (aside from time off), in order to maintain our public swim hours, and swim lesson curriculum/ schedule. 
  • Continuous training for all positions.
  • Coworkers who are kind, supportive, caring, funny, and overall amazing individuals from Meridian, and beyond!


  As of Friday, April 12th we have met our staffing needs for the 2024 season. However, we would love to receive your application next Spring if you are still interested in the position. In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at the other positions within the City of Meridian, as there are always new positions and opportunities being posted throughout the year. We hope to see you around and wish you a splash-tastic Summer! 

Best, MP Staff :)


**Must be 15 years of age upon submitting application to be considered for employment, and to qualify for job specific certifications through Ellis & Associates.