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The Water Division provides customers of the City Water Utility system with clean, safe drinking water at the lowest price possible. We ensure that water necessary for fire fighting is available on demand through the maintenance of our integrated well field and storage reservoirs. Additionally, our staff of 19 people is dedicated to providing rapid response to customer service requests. Through an aggressive preventative maintenance program, the Water Division will provide potable high quality water on demand 100% of the time.

Flushing Season Updates

Meridian conducts routine and non-routine flushing continuously throughout the year in an effort to improve water quality and reduce “brown water” occurrences by removing built up iron and manganese sediments within our water lines. We notify residents of flushing activity through social media updates, Nextdoor notifications, and email. You can sign up below for email notifications.

Flushing Notifications

Call our hotline to see where we are flushing today! 208-985-1278

Water Master Plan

Winter Tip: To avoid freezing pipes in the Winter, make sure your garage door is closed and verify your water meter lid is secure.

2020 Annual Water Report.

Billing and account activity questions should be directed to 208-888-4439 or e-mail

Payments may be made in person through our Utility Billing Department located on the first floor of City Hall at 33 E. Broadway Ave.

For utility line locates, please call Digline at 811 or 1-800-342-1585.

Digline’s website:


What’s New

Learn about Meridian’s drinking water sources, treatment, and distribution. Your small actions can conserve the water supply and protect water quality.

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Water Division

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